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Are you a good-looking charmer? Or the sullen silent type with lots of personality? Or maybe just keen to try out in front of the camera?

Keksi produces and implements visual communication and marketing for businesses and organizations. We need ordinary people as models for photo and video shoots. To help find the right people we have a model bank, and anybody who's interested is welcome to register.

The main requirements for a Keksi Model are openness, a willingness to work with other people and a positive attitude to work. A professional photographer, a stylist and a makeup artist make their magic to create the look needed for each assignment. So why not join the ranks of Keksi Models!


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What matters to us when we're working is the right attitude and a good team spirit. Our approach is open and honest, and we respect both our clients and ourselves.

At Keksi we understand that it's sometimes challenging to transform words into pictures, which is why we look our clients straight in the eye and give them our full attention. If we don't understand something, we'll ask questions until we do.

For us, visual communication isn't rocket science. It's about increasing understanding, imaginative implementations and the passionate quest for solutions.


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