Data visualization

Insight and understanding

Visualization is one of the most effective tools for creating new insights and communicating data. A well constructed visualization or infographic draws attention, and thereby also has a competitive advantage in visually saturated platforms such as social media. Data visualization has an even greater inherent value in its ability to flesh out the finer points of a dataset, as well as create intuitive impressions of the whole context.

Visualizing knowledge

Numbers, locations, chronologies, hierarchies, and other content structures, are expertly visualized in a way which reveals facets of the dataset otherwise obscured in text or tabular form. Data visualization at its best forces us to notice something that we never expected to see.

A variety of opportunities

Visualizations are particularly suited for communication both within and without an organization, not to mention use as data analysis tools. Visualizations are found everywhere in print, social media, websites, or as a part of a mobile applications, and may be static, animated, or interactive. Visualizations can even be built to automatically update based on changes within a database.

Experts at your disposal

We work in cooperation with Koponen+Hildén, the leading information design agency in Finland, and offer our clients a wide range of services for data visualization. We create simple social media infographics, complex interactive visualizations, customized visualization tools, as well as best practice guidelines for visualization use.

Data visualization as an integral part of the communication toolset

Visual communication encompasses a variety of possible methods, and their appropriate use in different situations requires foresight. We organize customized trainings for both communicators and specialists in a variety of fields. Data visualization can additionally be included in a larger visual strategy planning project, with workshops focused on developing any requisite visualizations.


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