Data visualization

Insights and understanding

Visualization is one of the most effective tools for communicating information and gleaning new insights from data. A well-designed visualization or infographic stands out on social media and attracts readers. Its greatest value, though, comes from the fact that presenting information in visual form helps the viewer to get an overview of the data and recognize patterns in it.

Making information visible

In the right hands, numbers, locations, time series, hierarchies, and other structured information can be expressed in visual form, revealing features in the data that would remain hidden in a text or table. Visualization makes information visible and at best forces viewers to notice something that they never expected to find in the data.

Wide-ranging potential

Visualizations are suitable for both inward and outward facing communication, and they can be used as a tool to support data analysis. Visualizations are commonly used in print, in social media, on organisations’ web pages or, for example, in mobile applications. They can be static, dynamic or interactive, and if required, they can be constructed so that the graphics are automatically updated whenever new information is added to a database.

Top-notch experts at your service

We work in close collaboration with Koponen+Hildén, Finland’s leading company specializing in visualization design. Therefore, we are able to offer our clients a wide range of services for visual presentation of information. We can, for example, produce simple social media infographics, design complex interactive visualizations, develop bespoke visualization tools, or create guidelines for infographic production.

Data visualization  is an essential part of the communication toolkit

Choosing the right tools for visual communication, and making effective and meaningful use of them requires careful planning. We organize visualization training courses specifically tailored for communicators and domain experts. Data visualization can also form a part of a company’s visual strategy, and the strategy workshop can be used to work on visualizations.



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