Keksi top-notch production planning

Production is teamwork: everyone knows their own functions and responsibilities, and contributes their very best attributes, skills and expertise. The people involved in production work include, for example, the producer, the photographer or the videographer, the assistant, the light and sound pros, the makeup artist and the stylist.

Productions at Keksi are carefully planned and a detailed shooting schedule is drawn up. Clients are always asked to comment the plan well ahead.

The producer is responsible for the day's schedule and its smooth running, meaning that the models and any necessary props are in the right place at the right time, leaving the photographer or videographer to focus on the essential: creating superb images.

Keksi Models 

Our productions often require people as models. Keksi Models are ordinary people who vary in looks, age and size, but who are all keen to be in front of the camera. From our model bank of over 3,500 people we can find the most suitable candidates to all our clients' productions. Using Keksi Models is simple for the client and we'll find a candidate for even the most unusual roles. 

Location, location, location... and props

A good choice of shooting location is key to successful image production. If needed, we'll find a suitable location for the client and look after the practicalities of the shoot. We choose any necessary props in advance so that on the day of the shoot everything is readily at hand.

If we use the client's premises as a location, we make an advance visit to check them out. We'll also time the shoot so that it doesn't interfere with normal working.

Makeup and styling

Productions almost always involve a makeup artist and, more often than not, a stylist. The makeup artist puts the neat finishing touch and creates the required look. Most of the stylist's work is done in advance. Stylist chooses the clothing, accessories, props and other elements needed for the shoot.

During the shoots, the stylist makes sure the overall impression works.

Together we are better!

A Keksi production is always a bustling, cheerful hive of activity so it's important we're all pulling on the same rope. We know how to get the right result!


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