Visual strategy

Make it visual and make an impact

Visuality plays a key role in communication and marketing. Successful visual communication helps an organisation execute its strategy and showcase its core vision.

There’s a whole range of visual tools and techniques to think about: photo, video, data visualization, illustrations, animations, virtual reality, e.g. And to succeed, visual communication, like all effective communication, also requires professional skill, systematic planning and the right tools.

At its best, visual communication can strengthen a brand and appropriately shape customer perceptions of it. To achieve this, it’s important to set goals for visual communication, and regularly assess progress.

Effective visual communication should align itself with the organisation’s values, and that requires persistent long-term work. Careful planning creates a framework for visual communication and so simplifies day-to-day working. What’s more, good planning saves time and money! 

We strive to be ahead of the curve

At Keksi, we can help in concepting and developing visual communication. In shaping an optimal visual strategy we tailor our approach to the client’s situation. We can, for example, develop your visual communication over the long term, help to optimise your social media image production process or prepare for setting up a media bank.

It’s all about the concept

For us, concepting is a process carried out together with the client. An important part of concepting is the workshop where, guided by experts, we discuss and work on preliminary activities. For example, in image concepting we focus on the existing imagery, consider how strategy and values can be communicated visually, and set goals for the follow-up work. The outcome of concepting is a set of instructions that function as a practical tool. The image concept provides a consistent framework for activities and sets guidelines for using images in different channels and for different target groups. Concepting is a way of committing communicators to working together in the agreed manner.

New insights from training

We offer our clients training courses to help them get the most out of photos, videos and data visualization and to manage the processes. We customise courses to suit the needs of each individual client. In addition, we also constantly update our own skills and pass on the latest knowledge to our clients. At our Keksi breakfast sessions, we talk about topics of interest and give practical tips for visual communication.


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