A moving image tells a story

A successful video tells a story, stirs emotions and delivers the message in a nutshell. Video narratives can be short, insightful and punchy or pictorial, imaginative and stimulating. The starting point for a convincing story is a good script and precise planning.

We offer the best solution

We produce a wide range of different videos to meet the needs of our clients, including designing and producing mood-building and promotional videos, covering live events and making animated videos. Whether it’s videoing the chairperson’s welcoming speech or stimulating interest in our clients’ services, we offer the best solution. 

If necessary, we can supply a videographer at short notice. There are Keksi videographers across the country, from Oulu to Kotka, from Vaasa to Kuopio, and several in the capital region. We are happy to travel around the world for our client!

Proper planning guarantees cost-effective production

With us, the client doesn’t need to know what kind of music, graphics or voice are needed for a video. We work these out together as planning proceeds, and our job is to make sure that you, the client, are given a personalised and cost-effective solution.

Planning the video starts with defining what is needed. What’s the purpose of the video, what are its goals? If needed, we’ll help you to distil and refine your message.

A good brief tells us what, where, when, why and how. The essentials for successful video production are preparatory work, appropriate planning and a well-informed team. Our productions always adhere to the agreed timetable and budget. 

Together we choose the right approach

At Keksi, we believe that it makes sense to plan visual communication holistically. The various media, such as video, photographs and visualizations, communicate in different ways and each has its place. We will gladly help you make the right choice!




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