We offer a wide range of photographic services: we produce precisely designed brand-enhancing images, create entire image worlds, construct multi-layered advertising images, document events and photograph personnel and services.

The right person in the right place

Because our clients have different needs, Keksi offers a whole host of professional photographers, each of them a specialist in their own field. After all, it requires a very different expertise to photograph underwater scenes, children's fashion, top managers, a built environment or mouth-watering cuisine.

The client doesn't have to decide on the most suitable photographer because it's our job is to provide exactly the right team member for every shoot.

If necessary, we can supply a photographer at short notice, even for the same day. There are Keksi photographers across the country, from Oulu to Kotka, from Vaasa to Kuopio, and there are several in the capital region. We are happy to travel around the world for our client!

Location or studio

The shoot can be done either on the client's premises, at a specially selected shooting location or in a studio. We have several different studios available for use and we can construct the necessary sets. Our office on Mannerheimintie in Helsinki includes an in-house studio where we can take portrait photographs, for example.

A good brief

A good brief tells us what, where, when, why and how. We're willing to help in clarifying the client's needs and drawing up a brief. What helps ensure a successful shoot is preparatory work, an appropriate plan and a well-informed photographer.

When it comes to the shoot itself, our photographers are true masters. Apart from pre-arranged subjects, they often create something unexpected during the shoot, a source of both surprise and pleasure for the client.


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