keksi models

Each and every one of us can be a model - you too!

Our clients often need ordinary people as models for photographs and videos: people of different ages, sizes, children, men and women. The most important feature of a Keksi Model is an open and adventurous attitude. From our model bank with its over 3,500 Keksi Models, we select exactly the right model to meet each client's needs.

Models are paid a fee for every shoot with Keksi and are also insured. Fees vary according to shoots, which can last from just a few hours to an entire day.

If you want to be one of Keksi Models and you're ready to throw yourself into a role, in both photographs and videos, tell us about yourself by registering as a model.

The shoots won't involve you having to walk on your hands, pose on horseback or climb a mountain face. It's enough if you're the type who can potter about doing everyday things naturally and who enjoys being photographed. Mind you, if you do have some special talent then definitely let us know when you register!

Fill in your details and they will be saved in our model bank, which we primarily use when selecting models for shoots. Your information will be stored until you want it removed and inform us. Don't send us a separate email containing your model application. Instead, click on "register as a model" and tell us about yourself. Attach portrait photos of yourself, smiling and serious, as well as a full-length picture of you wearing everyday clothes.

Supplying us with your details doesn't commit you to anything. We always ask in advance whether a shoot fits in with your timetable and your worldview. We'll contact you when an appropriate shoot comes up.

If all this sounds tempting, then we bid you welcome as one of Keksi Models! 


Register as a model