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Models for photo and video shoots

Keksi Agency proposes ordinary people as models for photo and video shoots: people of different ages and sizes, men and women, children and people that are child at heart. The most important feature of a Keksi Model is an open and adventurous attitude, that helps you to act naturally in front of the camera. The desired model profile of an assignment is defined in the client brief. There are around 4,000 models in the Keksi Model bank - should the exactly right model still be missing, we’ll look for him or her even from the senior afternoon dances, if need be.

Models are paid a fee for every shoot with Keksi Agency and they are insured during the shoot. The amount of fee varies according to the shoot, and a shoot may last from a couple of hours to a full day. Keksi Agency takes care of all statutory social security contributions, so casting models for a shoot is really straightforward for the client. 



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