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Photographer, Videographer Teemu Kuusimurto

Teemu Kuusimurto

Photographer, Videographer


Teemu is a master at quickly conjuring up something big from something small. His strong points are lighting and picture composition. He comes alive at the prospect of taking pictures that he knows in advance will be great – pictures that are unconventional or visually outstanding.

Teemu feels that the most important quality of a photographer is the ability to read people and expressions. Conveying authenticity demands extreme sensitivity from the photographer. The professional skill lies in being able to get the subject to forget the surrounding world and then, later on, picking out the most uninhibited moments from among the hundreds or thousands of photos.

Constantly talkative and on the go, Teemu enjoys those little everyday moments when he's not in a hurry, with a cup of coffee in his hand and the theme music from Frozen playing in the background.

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