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Photographer, Videographer Mika Pakarinen

Mika Pakarinen

Photographer, Videographer


Mika was thrilled about visual things already as a child – so it's no surprise that he's pursuing a creative career now. As a photographer, he considers lighting and photo composition being his greatest passion.

A love for cinema made Mika expand to moving images about ten years ago. When working as a videographer, he is aiming for film aesthetics, he wants to tell stories, express feelings and touch people by visual means. Videography has also helped him to find a new kind of soul and storytelling in his photography. 

Mika is enthusiastic, and considers that his work as a photographer brings him opportunities to experience a variety of new things. The feeling of success is the best – when the result is creative, made with uncompromising quality and conveys the feeling planned with the customer.

When not working, he spends time with his family, enjoys spirituality and does exercise with varying degrees. Good situational comedy will make Mika laugh!

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