The team

Lotta Vaija

Account Manager


Lotta sees herself as a link between sometimes abstract strategic management and actual productions and outcomes. She is naturally curious and wants to understand customers' business better. 

She lists her ears and common sense as her most important tools. There's no need to make things more difficult than they are. Lotta loves people who always know how to act in any given situation, and who do their work with passion and professionalism. "My greatest job satisfaction is when the customers and colleagues succeed."

Although she takes her work very seriously and passionately, it's not her whole life. She is always drawn to the sea, the seaside, forests and musical experiences.

To counter all this activity, it is also important just to lie on the sofa with her family around her. Action films and sci-fi are not her cup of tea – she always gets Star Wars and Star Trek mixed up. 

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