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Photographer Tuomas Kujansuu

Tuomas Kujansuu



Tuomas particularly likes images with a polished finishing touch and the precise, meticulous work involved. He enjoys honing the details of the images and always wants them to look like more than just pictures. Images should arouse feelings and get viewers to think about the image, its purpose, composition, style and the story it tells. 

Varyingly complex composite images, constructed from different components, are Tuomas's passion. The image may consist of the unreal, the abstract, movement or some simple object. Particularly important is the use of colour and the creation of depth in the image. 

Tuomas is a laid-back kind of guy and he spends his leisure time with family and friends, playing hockey, working out in the gym, listening to music and watching movies. The joy of creating, witty humour and happy people are what bring a smile to his face!

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