The team

Pietari Purovaara



Pietari comes from a musical background and is an incurable minimalist striving to present his subjects unpretentiously and with total authenticity, often uncoupled from their own context. What fires him up are a strong vision, powerful shadows and deep colours, the reverse side of pale Nordic minimalism. 

Pietari prefers to photograph situations and people that are down-to-earth and unassuming. For example, backstage before a gig and the moment when the artist feels enthusiasm, fear and fulfillment. For Pietari, this is something exquisitely palpable, something to identify with and visually interesting. Unpredictability, wasted frames, and the unexpected pearls – snapshots, and then the exhilaration when the successful shots are discovered at the editing stage! 

Pietari balances his work with writing, music and art. He also cycles and rides. He clears his head by playing the drums.