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Creative Director Natalia Baer

Natalia Baer

Creative Director


I'm able to work with the things I love. People, stories, dreams and little fleeting moments interest Natalia. When small, she loved bedtime stories, the tales told by the grannies in the sauna, poems and, above all, sitting under the table listening to adults talking late into the night.

After her first baby, Natalia studied photography and worked in journalism for ten years as a photographer. The shake-up in the industry, clients' changing needs and an interest in working on bigger entities led to the creation of Keksi.

Natalia finds inspiration when she sees people doing things they're skilled at, collaborating with the rest of the team and wanting to improve. As a counterbalance to work, Natalia marvels at the world with her three big children, dances and reads the daily paper in printed form.

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