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Producer Kaisa Hatakka

Kaisa Hatakka



Kaisa is not only a Keksi producer but also an editor and content provider professional. Kaisa is genuinely of the opinion that a good picture is worth more than a thousand words. Then again, just the right word can be more powerful than a thousand pictures. In an ideal situation, they complement each other.

More than twenty years of experience in a variety of shootings from TV programmes to major women's magazine covers as an organiser and stylist has taught her a lot about photo production planning and practical work, but still she feels she is learning something new every day. Work is at its most rewarding when you can be part of a good team. ”The sum of all the brilliant team members together is always more than any of them, or the customer, could ever imagine."

At home, her dear two school-age children keep her busy. When her work is done and the children are busy doing their things, Kaisa does pottery or painting, bakes a cake or goes to the flea market.