Light, vast surfaces and interesting built environments. Essential for photographing Senaatti Properties is a photographer who is interested in architecture and can reveal the special features of every building.

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Keksi collaborates with Senaatti Properties by photographing its premises across Finland. These include offices and country estates as well as some prestigious properties. Most of the buildings are photographed from both exterior and interior, in different seasons and sometimes at different times of the day. Together with the client, we look for an overall approach which is appropriate and workable and which allows the photographer to carry out the requested shoots very independently. Natural light plays a huge part in successful exterior shots – the photographer has to be alert and ready to capture the subject the moment the weather conditions are most favourable.


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Tuomas Uusheimo, a photographer with an architecture background, was our choice for photographing Senaatti properties. He has an amazing ability to utilise the prevailing light, highlight the distinctive features of the buildings and discover the interesting details in each and every building.


Interesting, atmospheric pictures of buildings say more about a place than merely a photo of their facades. Taken from the right angle and with the right technique, superb pictures of even ordinary buildings are possible, given that the photographer has the necessary special skills and the ability to show what is essential!


Source interview: 
Kari Kervinen, Senaatti Properties


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Tuomas Uusheimo