Pohjolan Liikenne

Breaking away from those boring daily routines, having fun and making the most of every moment - these were the ideas underlying the shoot for Pohjolan Liikenne. We wanted to highlight the idea that travelling on public transport can be a luxury. As indeed it is!

With the redesign of Pohjola Liikenne's brand image, we wanted to create a new visual world. The aim of the redesign was to strengthen the long-distance express bus brand to clearly distinguish it from (its) competitors. We wanted to show that people using public transport can find time for themselves.




Pohjolan Liikenne was happy with the comprehensive service provided by Keksi – "The production was carried out like we wanted, as a turnkey project". The client was pleased that so many different pictures could be produced in just a half-day shoot. The results of an entire day's shoot(ing) were even more varied: several different locations, models and moods.


”We've been really pleased with the thorough
 high-quality planning. Before the shoots
there's been adequate time to refine and plan
 because there's been a clear plan to comment on.”


The Pohjolan Liikenne images were shot in several different places and situations. Another positive surprise for the client was Keksi's creative thinking when it came to how much could be done in just a single location.

”Co-operation has been absolutely super easy!”


Source interview: 

Inka Honkanen, Pohjolan Liikenne


Case team

Account manager

Natalia Baer


Katja Lösönen


Kerttu Penttilä

Makeup artist

Kata Niemi


Katariina Kaatrasalo


Pekka Rousi