Ombudsman for Equality

The aim in redesigning the visual appearance of the
Ombudsman for Equality was to construct a particular imagery
that expressed difficult issues in an easily approachable way.
The Finnish Equality Act concerns everybody so it was important
for the pictures to show a diverse range of people.

The Ombudsman for Equality deals with issues that are not the simplest to photograph: the feeling of exclusion, bewilderment and discrimination. For the client, it was extremely important that Keksi carried out its planning with great care.

In its plans for the shoot, Keksi had already succeeded in neatly highlighting the Ombudsman for Equality's way of thinking and its values, so it felt easy to begin co-operating.


”Our co-operation is 
flexible, quick and easy-going.”


Pictures simplify the task of understanding of difficult subjects. The idea is to communicate the joy created by the experience of receiving help and living in an egalitarian society.

The shoot required people of all genders: men, women and transgender. People different in colour, size, looks and age that the viewer could easily identify with. The models were easily found in Keksi's model bank, according to the client's wishes. 


”Top-notch customer service
- at Keksi they really do 
concentrate on the client
and the client's needs.”


The idea behind these images was to break down the image of the grey, insensitive official and send a message about a new way of thinking. And that's been a big success because the idea of open-minded and spontaneous approach is now a reality!


”Keksi is a treasure.”


Source interview:

Päivi Ojanperä, office of the Ombudsman for Equality

Case team

Account Manager

Natalia Baer


Pia Inberg

Makeup artist

Kata Niemi


Annika Rousu