Over the years, six different Keksi photographers
have worked to meet Ilmarinen's varying requirements.
It's been vitally important to retain a consistent approach
to planning and execution, allowing the use of earlier photographs alongside the new to form a functioning and integrated whole.

Co-operation between Ilmarinen and Keksi began with image concepting and we've been working together now for six years. We've completed various projects for Ilmarinen from brand images to personnel photos. Keksi has succeeded in embracing the Ilmarinen style and approach so well that it doesn't even seem like work when doing things together is so much fun.


"Discussions with Keksi are transparent 
and, thanks to the project management tool
Luuttu, important information doesn't 
get stuck in anybody's e-mail." 


Ilmarinen likes that Keksi has the vision and daring to tell the sensible way of getting things done. On the photoshoot days everything has always gone excellent and strictly according to schedule.


Ilmarinen uses several social media channels, which enhances the importance of images. New content material is published regularly and the need for images has increased significantly in recent years. For Ilmarinen, it's important to work on its image production with a reliable partner who can readily supply all the services from under one roof!


”At Keksi the project is under control.
If they have questions, they ask frankly, 
otherwise they get on with the job.”

Source interview:
Vappu Aura, Director, Corporate Communications and Marketing, Ilmarinen
Sirpa Weckström, Corporate Communications and Marketing, Ilmarinen

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Natalia Baer


Mikko Vähäniitty


Antti Karppinen


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